Main dishes

Lightly smoked cauliflower purée, aromatic butter and dill floret broth
Tuna in Tallinn 
Grilled red tuna steak, sea buckthorn juice, quail’s egg and roasted vegetables
Crispy Goose 
Porcini porridge, pumpkin cream, rowanberry jelly, hunter’s sauce
Baby Lamb and Lemongrass.Two Sleepless Nights. 
Wild mushrooms, spinach cream, beetroot, lemongrass and verbena broth


South Estonian Ox and Lake Peipus Onions 
Crispy roasted fillet, onion confit, potato chip, beef jerky sauce
 Moose in the Woods 
Sugared nuts and bacon, ‘birch bark’, Põlva hooch sauce, soured berries